0.1 Introducing

Who is RDA

RDA is the specialist in automated access solutions. From an one-off solution to a series of exclusive drive packages for one customer. RDA is passionate about pushing technical boundaries.

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02. Core Values

The solution at hand

It is not only about what you do and how. It's about why you do something. Our brand in a nutshell: with a conscious way of working, an enthusiastic attitude, and being approachable, the solution is close at hand.

  • Conscious

    RDA is conscious. Conscious in their approach to a problem, conscious of the customer’s issue, and conscious of the quality they deliver. For safe and quality systems all steps are taken deliberately. Technical ideas are carefully worked out, every employee takes full responsibility for tasks to be carried out and customers get real attention when they come to RDA.

  • Passionate

    The team at RDA is passionate about what they do. There is a general feeling of ‘wanting to be the best’. Challenges are tackled with a great deal of energy, even if the solution seems a long way off or even impossible. The enthusiasm and strong will lead to new ideas that are off the beaten track, not only helping the customer, but also the organization internally.

  • Approachable

    RDA’s open attitude ensures that employees easily approach each other and customers do not feel discouraged to drop in. The typical RDA employee is helpful to colleagues, customers, and partners and can expect the same in return. The great willingness to help and also getting the very best out of it ensures that the threshold for contact is low. 

  • The solution at hand

    RDA believes that in everything they do, the solution is close at hand. It is our higher purpose. It’s where the day starts and ends. RDA knows better than anyone how to come up with innovative solutions for an unique problem surrounding access technology. In addition, honesty and loyalty are extremely important. It all sustains each other. An open atmosphere ensures that honesty prevails, so that colleagues and customers know what to rely on. As a result, loyalty is high and a solution can always be searched diligently.

03. Brand value

RDA opens doors

We have translated our higher goal ‘The solution at hand’ into an unique, powerful, and simple brand value. RDA ‘opens doors’. Besides the fact that our drives literally open doors, this promise refers to our commitment to open new doorways of opportunity for our customers. 

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04. Questions

Do not hesitate to contact us

We are currently working hard on our brand. In addition to the new style, there will be a brand new webshop, where we want to make it even easier for our customers. Would you like to know more about the rebranding, or do you have any other questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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Operational manager

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